My new gf wants proof of divorce and income


I’m a (32m) and have been seeing a girl (29f) for three weeks. I got married young and divorced in 2020. I’ve been dating for 1.5 years and have seen two other people seriously in that time and this issue didnt come up. Twice lately, we’ve been bantering, and she’ll make a joke about if I was even previously married, but then she gets real serious and says stuff like:
“Can you tell me why I can’t find that public information though and understand why it’s even sketchier that you were defensive about it? I feel like we have a great connection but I’m getting tired of the mystery bs. Like you saying you’re financial stable but living with your 25 year old brother like it doesn’t make sense and you can get mad at me sending this via text but the confusion you’ve caused for me is just as upsetting. If you don’t want a girlfriend or a partner then I’ll move on cus I’m tired of having questions come to my mind. I’m 29, I don’t play games. I’m looking for someone to do life with”

For the record, I have now agreed to show her my divorce certificate, but when she said “i can’t possibly be the first person who asked for this proof” I said “you really are” which she said was “gas lighty”. I don’t really want to show her my tax return tho it’s pretty normal (92k in 2022, 100k in 2023).

I kinda think we should end this immediately bc she’s got some deep insecurities that are going to make my life hell if I stay with her? We have a good connection (sex 💯) but I’m getting a lot of other red flags from my ex right now (not described here). Am I overreacting or is she crazy and I need to leave?

Thanks for all the comments. Was not expecting such a response- I appreciate the validation and the different perspectives. Y’all are awesome. I called it off and right on cue received some long insulting texts. Nice

I don’t have a problem with the proof of divorce but not believing I was even married is weird. She never framed her request as making sure I didn’t have a double life as a married man- but rather it was that I was possibly being dishonest about everything and that’s just not something I’m going to take the time to deal with to set the record straight this early on. We had multiple conversations about valuing honesty and I described the split and divorce in detail so if she thinks I’m making all that up then I quit.

My roomie situation is part preference/ part financial. I like my brother and generally not living alone, but also he’s getting his feet on the ground. Splitting rent allows me to save a good chunk of my income while not watching spending that closely and living in a semi-expensive city. Tbh I highly recommend- I’d never thought of it as a signal of being low status but if prospective partners want to think that it just helps me filter the ones that aren’t for me.

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