Got called disgusting by my teacher and fellow classmates, am I overreacting?


This is a throwaway account. For background: 2 days ago, me and my fellow classmates were talking about shower routines and I mentioned about how i havent found a shampoo that didn’t make my hair bone dry and frizzy. I also mentioned how i just wash my hair with water on most days, no shampoo. This was in front of my teacher and no one seemed to mind.

Today, we were in class and my teacher started off the lecture with how we need to be presentable. “I was listening to some of you guys and how one of you-“ *cue looking at me* “-dont wash your hair everyday. That is unacceptable and disgusting. Its dirty and I expect you all to have good hygiene.” All the other students in class chimed in about how that was indeed disgusting and about how unbelievable that was that someone in their program wouldn’t wash their hair.

I felt like crying listening to it as a child of neglect, i did struggle with hygiene as no one was there to teach me. And naturally i was severely bullied due to it.

I managed to not cry in class and act normal but the entire thing gave me flashbacks of my past of being bullied and being neglected by my parents.

I want to cry just thinking about what happened, i feel disgusting.

Is this ok to cry about? Or am i just being sensitive?

EDIT; for context, this is a college program and im 22.

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