AITAH for breaking up my engagement because my fiance wanted to invite my family to our wedding.

Sorry for the throw away just need to get this out and the fact that only 2 people know about my past excluding my family.

I’m not good with emotions due to my past so everyone saying I’m an asshole is making me question myself.

Me (28M) and my fiance (28F) have been together for 4 years and engaged for a year. Our wedding is supposed to have been early next year.

Long story short she wanted to invite my abusive family to our wedding, she knows all that has happend to me but still thinks it was a good idea for them to be invited and maby reconnect.

I don’t want those people near me at all, i don’t want them to be within a 100 miles of me.

I’m not going to describe everything that has happend to me but here is a short version.

I was beaten as a child, starved, chained in the basement for weeks because i forgot to do the dishes.

My parents bought sexual assaulted me. It’s hard to write out but my first ever sexual experience was with my own mother that forced herself on me when i was 13 then my father started when i was 15. This was a recurring thing sometimes with bought of them while the other held me down.

Police was less than helpful and i fucking can’t stand them as they never believed me, making me out to be a troubled child and taking my parents on their word no matter how many brushes, black eyes, broken noses, broken bones i had. The same with every single person i asked for help, i was just seen as the trouble child that wanted attention.

I ran away a 17 when i was left alone one night and they forgot to lock me in. I haven’t seen them since.

I took me years of therapy to get over what happend and i am finally at a place where i don’t feel this overwhelming anger to kill my parents whenever i think about them.

My fiance knows all of this, i told her about a year into our relationship with the help of my therapist.

It came out a week ago that she has been talking to my parents since we got engaged and she want me to forgive them as they are changed people, i don’t care if they are. It started a fight untill she told me that everything i have been through wasn’t that bad and im being a child about it.

I could see in her facial expression the moment she said those words she regretted it but i didn’t care. I told her we are done and left the house.

I haven’t answered any calls from any person that has tried to call me and I’m hold up in a hotel for the moment and i don’t want to go home. All the anger i had worked so hard to put behind me is back.

But with all the text i have been receiving from friends to her family, calling horrible things for what im putting my fiance through and that i don’t care or love her if i can make her worry like this, im starting to loos my mind. I have even gotten text calling me a coward for not just sucking up my feeling for one day to make her happy.

I don’t know anymore, as i can trust myself and what i think or feel. Im loosing it. I need a different perspective. Should i just give in.


Edit to clarify.

She hasn’t invited them yet, but wants to invite them. That is when i said hell no i don’t want them near me.

After i said that, that is when she said she has been talking to them since we have been engaged and what i went through wasn’t that bad, i must be exaggerating and i need to stop being a child.

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